Terms & Conditions

Cartley welcomes you and informs you that you will find below Terms and Conditions governing your use of Cartley and all the legal implications of using Cartley services on the Internet, as the use of Cartley from anyone, whether he was a consumer, trader or otherwise, means he has reviewed and approved this Terms and Conditions. And his acceptance, with his full legal qualification, for all articles, terms and conditions of this Agreement. And is a confirmation of your commitment to its regulations and what is mentioned in it. And we refer to you that Cartley may be (website or application on mobile phones or e-platform) and this agreement is considered Valid and Effective as soon as you approve it and start registering with Cartley under the articles of the Law.

Article 1 - Introduction and definitions :

The above boot is an integral part of this agreement, as you can find below the indications and definitions of the key terms used in this agreement:

1.(Trader) means by this term every trader who registers in Cartley to create his e-store, whether legal or moral person. And this definition also covers all aspects of the e-store as long as it performs trading through Cartley, including the trader's website.

2.(Cartley) This includes all forms of applications of Cartley company on the Internet, be it an application or a website.

3.(The E-store) is meant by this phrase the e-store used by the trader in Cartley.

4.(Consumer) means by this term every consumer who purchases the product or service from the trader through the trader's e-store in Cartley.

5.(The Agreement) means the terms and conditions of the use of Cartley, i.e., all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, which govern and regulate the relationship between the parties to this Agreement.

6.(Service Provider) means services provided from Cartley by third-party service providers, and is intended to provide services, i.e. to provide the connection between the trader and the service provider, as Cartley has no authority and has nothing to do with the agreement between the trader and the service provider.

Article 2 - The trader's legal capacity :

1.The trader acknowledges that he is legally qualified and that he is at least eighteen years old, as considered in Kuwait’s applicable laws and regulations, and that he is sufficiently knowledgeable to establish and manage his e-store through Cartley.

2.Excluding section (1) of Article (2), the trader may trade if he is under the age of majority considered in Kuwait (eighteen years), but he is obliged to provide proof of his consent to the e-store and the statement of approval signed by his legal guardian. Legitimate in case it is necessary.

3.The trader acknowledges that he is well qualified and that he does not have any symptoms of eligibility.

4.If the trader registers as an institution, company, or any other statutory form, this institution, company, or regulatory form through which it is registered must have the legal, regulatory and legal capacity to conduct business through Cartley.

Article 3 - Cartley's commitment :

1.Cartley's mission is to provide electronic support tools, by establishing the e-store, as Cartley's obligation under this agreement is only to set up the trader's e-store at Cartley and to put the e-store in front of consumers.

2.Two other services may be provided to the trader or the e-store, such as marketing or guidance services, as well as e-payment gateways, and all Cartley services are subject to the terms and conditions of this employment agreement.

3.Cartley is not committed to completing the sale of products or services between the consumer and the e-store, as its commitment ends with the provision of e-store construction services through Cartley, and does not harm other services that Cartley continues to provide such as guidance, technical support, marketing and payment methods.

4.Cartley may temporarily provide some free services to some e-store s, such as the trader's: Modifying and changing the look or colors of the e-store at its discretion, and these services are provided by the management of Cartley free and limited and subject to specific restrictions. If the trader wishes additional services, he has to communicate with Cartley’s technical support to inquire about offers, package fees and additional services.

5.All transactions between the trader and the consumer have nothing to do with Cartley, and Cartley is not responsible for it, as this transaction is an independent contractual relationship subject to the agreement between the trader and the consumer. Accordingly, if the consumer does not pay for the service or product provided by the trader, Cartley has nothing to do with these irregularities.

6.All transactions between the trader and the service providers (third party services) that Cartley provides linking with their services or offering their services to benefit the trader, and the consumer have nothing to do with Cartley, as this transaction is a contractual relationship independent from Cartley and subject to the agreement between the trader and the service provider, accordingly, if one of the parties fails to comply with its agreed or not fulfilled obligations as required, Cartley is not responsible for the consequences of these actions, Cartley is not responsible for any irregularities that occur or are committed between the trader and the service provider.

7.There is no liability on Cartley for violations by the trader in his e-store in violation of the terms of this agreement, and Cartley has no relationship with the transactions between the trader and the consumer.

Article 4 - The Establishment of the E-store :

1.Every person who has the legal capacity may establish his e-store under the terms and conditions of the Employment Agreement, in particular, 'Article 1 - The Trader's Legal Capacity.'

2.The e-store, which was established in accordance with the agreement to use Cartley, must not be contrary to the regulations and laws in Kuwait, and the trader is obliged to clarify what business he is doing, what services or products he offers or sells. And Cartley disclaim responsibility for a violation. The e-store for the provisions of the Kuwaiti system in public morals. And Cartley always has the right to refuse to register any e-store that does not comply with the laws and regulations applicable in Kuwait or the provisions of this agreement, and therefore the trader acknowledges under the terms of the agreement that his e-store does not violate the public order in Kuwait or morals Public.

3.The e-store that is established through Cartley must not violate the rules and regulations of this employment agreement, and the trader also acknowledges that the on-ground store on which the e-store is based is not contrary to this agreement and does not violate the regulations and laws of Kuwait.

4.No one has the right to use Cartley if his membership or store is revoked by Cartley or by orders or court rulings.

5.If registers as an institution, company, charity, or legal entity, the institution, company or registered entity shall be bound by all the rules and provisions mentioned in the Employment Agreement of Cartley.

6.All e-stores and traders must comply with all applicable laws to regulate e-commerce as well as the information crime law, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment regulations, the electronic transaction law, and the electronic commerce law.

7.The trader acknowledges that before registering in Cartley, he verified the availability of all the procedures and requirements required by the official authorities in Kuwait and has fulfilled all these procedures and requirements for his activity in the e-store.

8.If the trader applying to join and establish the e-store is an individual trader 'legal person,' he is also obliged to verify and provide the requirements required by the official authorities according to the nature of the activity of the individual trader, as the individual trader acknowledges that he is committed to these requirements and is committed to providing and processing them, The individual trader is also obliged to provide his or her national identity number and other necessary information and documents requested by Cartley.

9.If the trader applying to join and establish his shop represents a business, company, charity or legal entity, he must provide Cartley with all the information and documents, such as the commercial register and any other documents of the e-store that Cartley requests for registration and proof of private legal identity. At the e-store.

Article 5 - Accounts and registration obligations :

Once you apply to join Cartley or apply for the creation of an e-store, you are required to disclose specific information and to choose a secret username and password to use when logging in to Cartley. Once you've activated your account, you'll become a user of Cartley services, so you've agreed to:

1.Be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and password, thereby agreeing to notify Cartley immediately of any unauthorized use of your account information with Cartley or any other breach of your confidential information.

2.Cartley will in no way be responsible for any loss that may directly, indirectly, moral or material as a result of the disclosure of username or password information or in the event of abuse of the e-store.

3.You are obliged to use your e-store yourself, as you are fully responsible for it, and if someone else uses it, this means that you have authorized him using the e-store in your name and account unless the e-store reports otherwise to Cartley management.

4. You are obliged when using Cartley to use it with all seriousness and credibility, to abide by the rules and provisions of the Employment Agreement and to abide by the statutory and legal regulations in Kuwait, and is obliged to compensate Cartley for any direct or indirect losses that may be inflicted on Cartley as a result of any illegal or other use. Real or unauthorized to your account by you or anyone else who has obtained access to your account in Cartley whether it is to perform services using the username and password or as a result of your negligence to maintain the confidentiality of your username and password, whether authorized by you or without authorization.

5.You are obliged to disclose real, up-to-date, complete, and legal information about yourself as required during registration with Cartley and is obligated to update your data if it is changed or if it is required to do so.

6.Do not include in your username any contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers or any personal details, or any statement indicating a personal or commercial relationship between you and Cartley, its employees, or its owners.

7.Do not place any reference in your e-store to any direct or indirect relationship between the e-store and Cartley, management, owners, or employees, as Cartley has nothing to do with what you do in your e-store and is not responsible for your e-store's activity.

8.Cartley is obliged to treat your personal information and contact addresses confidentially in accordance with the terms of Cartley's privacy policy.

9.You will always be obliged to maintain and update registration data to keep it real, correct, valid, complete and legal, and if you disclose information that is not true, incorrect, non-current, incomplete, illegal or contrary to the terms of the Employment Agreement, Cartley has the right to stop or Freeze or cancel your membership or e-store and account in Cartley, without injury to the rights and legitimate means of recovering Cartley and protecting other users.

Cartley has the right at any time to conduct any investigations that you deem necessary, whether directly or through a third party, and require you to disclose any additional information or documents of any size to prove your identity, ownership of your money, or your account.

If you do not comply with any of the above, the management of Cartley has the right to stop or cancel your e-store or membership or to block you from accessing Cartley services again. It also reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed accounts, operations, or accounts that have been overgone a long period without activity.

Article 6 - Official means of communication :

1.The trader in Cartley agrees to be contacted by email, or by the management of Cartley to broadcast public messages to all users or specific users once they access their accounts within Cartley. The trader also agrees in Cartley that all agreements, declarations, statements, and other communications that are provided electronically serve as their written counterparts, a stand-alone argument, in meeting legal requirements.

2.During your membership and trading with Cartley, Cartley will send promotional emails to inform you of any new changes, procedures, or promotional activities that may be added to Cartley.

Article 7 - Amendments to the Employment Agreement and fees :

1.You know and agree that Cartley will notify you of any amendment to this Agreement, under which your obligations will be doubled, or your rights diminished in accordance with any modifications to this employment agreement.

2.You agree that Cartley has absolute authority and without legal liability to make any fundamental or subsidiary modifications to this Agreement, and users are notified of this modification by any means provided and maybe by e-mail or by broadcasting a public message to all Users, Cartley provide technical means to demonstrate the e-store's acceptance of this amendment, which is legal, anti-ignorance and binding to the e-store for the provisions of the Agreement, including amendments.

3.In the event of objection to any amendment to the employment agreement, this may be an obstacle to access to the e-store, as to benefit from the services of Cartley, this agreement must be approved and any modification that occurs, so if the amendment is not accepted, we hope you stop using Cartley services as the access to your account in Cartley or your use of Cartley is your acceptance of modifications and full consent to ignorance, and Cartley is happy to answer your queries about this agreement and to receive any suggestions that the e-store considers.

4.All fees are calculated in KD, and the trader must pay all the fees due in KD plus any other expenses added by Cartley, provided that the payment is made by the approved and specified means available through Cartley.

5.Not all packages and offers are free of charge for traders or e-stores as some of these packages and offers are subject to varying fees.

6.Cartley may charge fees for some e-stores or e-stores, depending on the offers or packages they join.

7.Cartley reserves the right to add, increase, reduce, or deduct any fees or expenses under the terms and conditions of the employment agreement, to any users, whatever the reason for their registration.

Article 8 - Payment Services for e-stores in Cartley :

1.Through its partners, Cartley provides a payment system that can be done entirely online through payment options available on Cartley or through any payment method provided by Cartley from time to time.

2.Cartley has nothing to do with the payment method upon receipt, as this payment method is subject to the relationship between the consumer, the trader and the service provider.

3.Cartley may require at any time and in any case payments to be made directly between the trader and the consumer, and through their bank accounts, and there is no relationship at the time to Cartley.

4.The provision of an online payment service from Cartley, is for the purpose of facilitating and preserving the rights of traders and e-stores.

5. The trader is obliged to determine the price of the service or the goods that he displays in his e-store according to the established market value, and Cartley has nothing to do with the misestimation of the cost of products or services offered in the e-stores, as its commercially accepted valuation is a de facto obligation on the trader.

6. The trader is obliged to provide invoices and receipt bonds for all the amounts and profits that arise in his e-store, and is obliged to indicate in all these invoices the type of goods or service, quantities, descriptions and value, and therefore the trader is obliged to provide the required accounting specifications in his e-store, In accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, because of the legal, economic and commercial interests of the traders, and in the event that the trader violates the provisions of this clause, he is liable for any damages that may arise as a result of this violation.

7. Cartley has the right to prevent the completion of the procedures of any payment in violation of the rules and provisions of the employment agreement or to cancel any order to buy or sell as a result of a technical error in Cartley that resulted in the price offered on Cartley to the market value of the product, including a loss to Cartley, and Cartley is not responsible for those amounts.

8.The management of Cartley have the right to cancel, modify or change any of the payment methods that they have made available on Cartley.

Article 9 - Personal Information and Details of Operations :

1.You don't mind granting Cartley an unlimited, universal, permanent, and non-reusable right, expense-free, licensed use of personal information or materials or other information provided or advertised on Cartley by joining or establishing your e-store, through forms dedicated to communication. And registration, or via any email or any of the communication channels available on Cartley. To achieve any of the interests that Cartley sees.

2.You are the only one responsible for the information you have sent or posted, and Cartley is limited to allowing you to view this information through Cartley and its advertising channels.

3.The confidentiality of e-store and trader information is subject to Cartley's 'privacy policy' rules.

Article 10 - Trader's Commitment to Abide laws and Regulations in Kuwait :

1.The trader undertakes to abide by all applicable laws and regulations within Kuwait regarding his products or during his use of Cartley, as well as the applicable laws and conditions governing the use of the Internet space.

Article 11 - Copyrights :

1.All content on Cartley, electronic or otherwise, written or unwritten, to name a few: Written and unwritten texts - graphic designs - technical ideas - logos - presentations – icons - buttons - audio clips - aggregated data and electronic programs, are the property of Cartley and its rights are reserved for Cartley, and no one has the right to use it in any way whether it is direct or indirect use or through a third party.

2.Cartley management notes that it will act against trespassing and infringement of any of Cartley's intellectual property rights or property.

3.Cartley is not liable in the event of an infringement of the intellectual property rights of the members of Cartley or registered e-stores.

Article 12 - Intellectual Property :

1.The management of Cartley respects the intellectual property rights of the traders that they have created through their e-stores, whether they owned them before or after the establishment of the e-store.

2.The Trader respects the intellectual property rights of Cartley, which includes Cartley, and the words, logos, and other symbols of Cartley or displayed on Cartley, since Cartley, and every right that follows Cartley, are protected under intellectual property rights and trademark laws and are exclusive property for Cartley. And no one has the right in any way to infringe on it or use it without the authorization of the management of Cartley.

Article 13 - Consumer Protection :

1.To ensure that consumers receive all their purchases properly, Cartley explains the following to the e-store owners: 1. If the consumer purchases goods in one of the payment methods available on Cartley, and does not receive his goods or he receives goods different from the specifications described on the e-store page, then the consumer has the right to inform Cartley and Cartley’s has the right to take what they deem appropriate about the e-store that violated the rules of this agreement, in accordance with the rules of this agreement. However, Cartley is not legally responsible for this breach by the trader in the face of the consumer, as it is not a party to the relationship between the consumer and the trader, but it does so for reasons to improve the quality of Cartley and e-stores.

2.The consumer should review their purchases before receiving to ensure that they are intact and conform to what has been purchased, as Cartley is not responsible for the relationship between the consumer and the trader.

3.Cartley does not, in any way, comply in accordance with this article and this provision to react to the consumer's complaint, but Cartley's reaction to the consumer complaint is subject to the mere desire of Cartley and in accordance with the rules of this Agreement. To maintain its commercial and economic reputation, however, Cartley may take some action against e-stores that deliberately deceive, shading or cheat the consumer, such as: Freeze the e-store's membership or draw the e-store's attention to not repeating this order or obliging the e-store to compensate the consumer, as a result of Cartley's desire to preserve and protect the rights of all users and registered with it.

Article 14 - Cartley’s Responsibility :

1.Cartley is not responsible in any way for any unsatisfactory or delayed performance by traders, shipping companies, electronic payment gateways, banks or consumer non-compliance with payment, nor for any losses, malfunctions or delays, due to goods that are not available, delayed delivery or lack of quality of service provided by Trader.

2.Cartley does not tolerate any claims arising from errors or negligence, whether direct, indirect, accidental, or through a third party.

3.Cartley does not assume any claims or liabilities arising as a result of financial losses, defamation, slander, or any damages arising as a result of misuse, misuse or inability to use Cartley, Cartley does not assume any liabilities or claims in such cases.

4.Cartley, officials, employees, or owners are not responsible for any claim, dispute, costs, damages, any liability or any direct or indirect loss of any party arising from the act of a user of Cartley.

5.Cartley, its employees, its owners, its representatives, and representatives have no responsibility to belong to a healthy, legitimate and authorized product in accordance with Kuwait’s laws and regulations and is used for illegal and illegal purposes. Traders and their e-stores provide all products or services provided in Cartley.

6.Cartley, its employees, owners and its representatives have nothing to do with any illegal or irregular activity carried out by the e-store, or any activity that violates the regulations and instructions in Kuwait, where Cartley is solely responsible for providing electronic support tools represented in the establishment of the e-store and so on. This is followed by electronic support services.

7.The Management of Cartley notes to all traders that if it notes any suspicious activities being planned, being committed, or carried out on Cartley, it will report such activities to the relevant authorities. It is not responsible in any way for these irregularities, which are carried out without the knowledge or observation of Cartley.

Article 15 - Confidentiality of information :

1.Cartley tells you that the Internet is not a secure place, and the confidentiality of personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed in the Internet space.

2.Cartley adopts high-quality (concrete, regulatory, and technical) standards to protect users and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing and preserving users' personal information or e-stores.

3.Cartley has no control over the actions of any third party, such as other web pages connected through links to Cartley or third parties claiming to represent you and others.

4.You know and agree that Cartley may use your information provided by you, to provide services to you in Cartley, to send marketing messages to you and that Cartley's privacy policy governs collection, processing, use and transfer of your personal information, and the confidentiality of information is subject to the “Policy Privacy' of Cartley.

Article 16 – Membership or E-store Cancellation :

Cartley, in accordance with the employment agreement and accordance with the laws and regulations of Kuwait, may resort to a temporary or permanent suspension of the e-store, the withdrawal and cancellation of the trader's membership, or the determination of the ability of traders to access the services of Cartley, if:

1.Violation of the rules and provisions of the Employment Agreement.

2.If Cartley cannot authenticate any of the user information provided to it.

3.If Cartley determines that the user's activities are against the law or that the user's activities may cause other users or Cartley to sit in trouble or legal violations.

4.Cartley may resort to re-energize suspended users, as a user who has been permanently suspended or whose membership has been revoked may not be able to register his e-store or his account on Cartley or use Cartley in any way whatsoever until he is allowed to reactivate his activity on Cartley. However, if the user violates this employment agreement, Cartley reserves the right to recover or claim any amounts due to Cartley and any losses or damages caused by the trader to Cartley, and Cartley has the right to take legal action or resort to the authorities as it deems appropriate.

5.Cartley does not waive its right to take appropriate action against any violation of the rules and provisions of the Employment Convention and other similar acts of violation, nor does Cartley undertake to take any action against any violation of the Employment Agreement, but is subject to the discretion of the Administration of Cartley and its legal management.

Article 17 - Payments, sales, and purchases :

1.The trader is committed to managing his e-store well, keeping the consumer, and not creating a dispute between him and the consumer.

2.The trader is obliged to manage payments, sales, and purchases made in his e-store through the payment methods approved in this agreement.

3.Cartley has the right to reject or cancel purchases whether or not payment has been made with Cartley committing to inform the user within five days of any of the communication methods available to Cartley.

4.Cartley notes that it has nothing to do with any dispute between the consumer and the trader, and Cartley has nothing to do with any default from the consumer towards the e-store, whether by defaulting on payment or otherwise.

5.The trader agrees and acknowledges that he will not make unreal or manipulative purchases on Cartley, will not use an unreal name or any unreal personal information, or use a credit card that does not belong to him without authorization to purchase, as Cartley has the right to take appropriate legal action against anyone who engages in fraudulent transactions of this kind.

6.All traders and all e-stores acknowledge their full and unaccountable knowledge that the management of Cartley in transferring funds for their business activities within Cartley is subject to the authority and powers of the Monetary Authority of Kuwait, and as a result, Cartley states that all e-stores and traders may be late in transferring some of the Funds as a result of restrictions by the Monetary Authority, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and e-commerce regulations imposed on e-sales and purchases.

Article 18 - Content not allowed :

1.As a trader in Cartley, you are obliged not to allow any content that violates the Privacy Policy of Cartley or violates the rules and regulations of this Usage Agreement.

Article 19 - Kuwait's Information Crimes System :

1.Traders are obliged not to violate any of the provisions of the Kuwaiti information crimes law, and if they violate the provisions of the Kuwaiti information crimes law, this is subject to their sole responsibility and management, and there is no responsibility on Cartley for violating the applicable regulations, as the trader is the only one in charge of his e-store and his dealings with consumers, and Cartley always has the right to take what seems fit for any e-store or trader that violates the provisions of the Kuwaiti information crimes law, whether by informing the official authorities or simply closing the e-store or canceling the trader's membership with Cartley.

Article 20 - Restricting access or membership :

1.Without indicating other traders' rights, Cartley may stop or cancel the trader's membership or restrict the trader's access to Cartley services at any time, without warning, for any reason, without specifying.

Article 21 - Guaranty :

1.Cartley does not guarantee the repair of breakdowns and does not guarantee that the products offered by the traders are free of any other defects, but are guaranteed by the e-store or the trader in the event of the mention of warranty and its duration by describing the product, and the trader must abide by the quality of his e-store.

2.The e-store is committed to establishing a replacement and refund policy that belongs to its e-store alone and must comply with the provisions of the e-commerce law and other applicable regulations relating to warranty or e-commerce.

Article 22 - The trader's responsibility :

1.The Trader agrees to assume liability and protect Cartley, its employees, owners or subsidiaries from any damage that may occur on Cartley as a result of the trader's infractions and is obliged to waive any damage or to prevent any damage that may be caused to Cartley or its employees or one of them as a result of claims, losses, losses, costs, expenses or net fees. It was due to the misuse of the trader or the misuse of the user, resulting in a violation of the Employment Agreement or the applicable regulations and laws in Kuwait, an infringement of the rights of a trader, third parties, or a complaint from a user or third party.

Article 23 - The relationship between Cartley and traders :

1.None of the rules and provisions of this employment agreement contain an indication of a partnership between any trader and Cartley, and Cartley does not allow any trader in any way to indicate directly or indirectly the existence of a relationship of any kind, whether direct or indirect, between him as a trader and Cartley, and Any notices that the trader wishes to send to Cartley must be sent via Email and Cartley will respond to the email. And as a trader, you agree that any notices sent to you from Cartley will be delivered to you by the email you provided to Cartley during the registration process.

Article 24 - Transfer of rights and obligations :

1.As a trader, you do not have the right to object to the actions of Cartley management towards Cartley wither these actions, for example, affects the entity of Cartley, obligations, ownership, responsibilities, technical or administrative actions relating to Cartley. And Cartley is not obliged to inform you, and Cartley has the right if it considers it important to inform you of any of these acts or to inform you of its pure will, in accordance with the rules and provisions of the Employment Agreement.

Article 25 - Applicable law and legislation :

1.This employment agreement is governed and formulated in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations, and legislation in Kuwait, and is fully regulated by the legislation of the authorities in Kuwait.

Article 26 - Rules that the e-store must follow with consumers :

1.When dealing with the consumer, the trader is committed to honesty and integrity.

2.When dealing with the consumer, the trader is obliged to be ethical.

Article 27 - Electronic Publications and Offers by Cartley :

1.The rules and provisions of this usage agreement apply to all paper and electronic advertising publications across various publishing platforms and through various social media networks.

2.The publications mentioned are a promotional tool for Cartley.

3.Publications are subject to change and are not binding on Cartley regarding the stability of the prices of services, packages or offers, and prices are subject to change.

4.Any offers made by Cartley are temporary offers that are specified over a specified period, and Cartley does not commit to extending the period or continuing the specified period as it has the right to be satisfied, to determine the eligibility of any user for this offer or to cancel this offer at any time.

Article 28 - Strategic and Logistics Services (Third Party Services) :

1.Under the terms and conditions of this employment agreement, Cartley may provide some strategic or logistical services through a third party, and these services may be but are not limited to Services from shipping companies or delivery of products and goods.

2.Cartley wants you to know that providing strategic or logistics services is only to facilitate your workflow through Cartley.

3.Cartley informs you that it is not directly or indirectly responsible for any actions made by any third party and that what Cartley is doing is merely a link between you as a user and the service provider (third party).

4.Cartley informs you that the request for this service is not mandatory, but this is due to the user's desire and need, and when the trader uses the third-party services available at Cartley, Cartley disclaims responsibility for this relationship, and this relationship has its independent terms between the trader and the third party.

5.Some strategic and logistics service providers set their requirements or costs and Cartley does not have any authority over these requirements or costs, so the registered traders are advised to see the terms of the service provider (third party) and the costs of its services before confirming the service request...

6.If the user applies for a service provided by (third party), the user of this act authorizes Cartley and permits it to provide the service provider (third party) with his data they (third party) requests, and other data needed by the service provider (third party), according to the service provider (third party), and according to the Privacy Policy of Cartley.

Article 29 - Technical support :

Under the terms and conditions of this employment agreement, Cartley provides some technical support services for e-stores and traders, in accordance with the privileges of the package in which the e-store belongs to, for example:

1.A free control panel for e-stores includes some free services.

2.If the trader wishes to add certain services, different services, or multiple services, this is subject to a policy of packages and offers from Cartley, which is often subject to a fee.

3.Cartley allows traders to communicate with Cartley's technical support team to help the e-stores work through Cartley and resolve technical issues that may arise in e-stores.

Article 30 - Resolving conflicts :

1.Under the terms and conditions of this employment agreement, in the event of a conflict, the conflict is resolved through negotiations or amicable settlement, and if the conflict continues, it will be resolved by the competent authorities of Kuwait.

Article 31 - General Provisions :

If any material or term in this employment agreement is canceled or any material or term in the employment agreement is no longer applied, this does not negate the validity of the remaining articles, terms, conditions and provisions of the employment agreement and remains in force until further notice from the administration of Cartley.

This employment agreement, which is amended from time to time as appropriate, constitutes the mechanism of action, understanding, agreement and contract between the trader, his e-store and Cartley only, and the trader and his e-store are obliged to abide by the terms of this agreement, and the trader agrees to keep in mind the following:

1.This employment agreement is valid for all users of Cartley and is the regulator of the relationship and is the only contract between the trader and Cartley, regardless of any statutory form, legal entity, institutional, commercial or charitable taken by the trader or e-store. As for the relationship between the trader and the consumer, it is subject to an independent legal relationship and has its controls on each other.

2.The e-store must establish its employment agreement, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and laws in force in Kuwait, the electronic transaction system, the electronic commerce system and other regulations relating to the trader's activity.

3.No one, except the management of Cartley, has the right to impose any articles, terms, or provisions in Cartley's employment agreement, and Cartley has the right to accept or refuse traders' suggestions regarding this agreement.

4.If the usage agreement is translated into any other language, whether on Cartley or otherwise, the Arabic text of the use agreement remains the original in all transactions.

5.This employment agreement shall only be canceled or amended by a decision of the management of Cartley.